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Do you have extra milk?

Milk Donation

Here’s how to become a milk donor:

The first step is to call Mothers’ Milk Bank to apply to be a donor, at (303) 869-1888. They have a phone screening and an online questionnaire. They will mail you a lab-work kit, which you bring to us for the blood draw.

You can also bring your milk on the day of the blood draw. One of our staff draws your blood, and you drop off your milk donation. Then we ship your milk and blood sample to the milk bank for processing. They will confirm your approval and if you want to continue to pump, you can drop off your milk at our office periodically.

When you come with your milk, you need to have your milk storage bags labeled with the donor number they give you. It’s best to have your bags tucked in gallon-size ziplocs, or in plastic grocery bags with your donor number on the outside of that as well.

We accept milk donations on Wednesday & Friday, by appointment.

The Milk Spot does not distribute breastmilk to families or broker milk between individuals.

For donating or requesting breastmilk directly within the local community through private arrangement milk-sharing, please visit Eats On Feets on Facebook.

More information about milk donation can be found on The Mothers’ Milk Bank website.

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