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the milk spot favicon phoenix arizona breastfeeding support lactation consultant
Jacqueline Norris IBCLC Postpartum Doula

Jacqueline Norris

IBCLC, Birth Assistant, Educator

Jacqueline is a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Certified Breastfeeding Consultant (IBCLC).

In 1989, as she prepared for the birth of her first child while living overseas, Jacqueline was awed at the fantastic human body design to give birth naturally. Two of her children were born in a hospital, and two at home. Years later, when she was first introduced to the profession of a doula, she knew she wanted to support women during this unique and important time of birth as well as the postpartum period.

When women are supported, birth can be a joyful and empowering experience. This is significant for the joys and challenges that lay ahead in parenting. Jacqueline enjoys helping parents to have the best possible start with their precious little ones.

In 2012 Jacqueline began supporting families as a birth assistant at Blossom Birth Center, assisting moms in initiating and establishing breastfeeding. In 2017 Jacqueline became an IBCLC and began working in that role at The Milk Spot. She has remained an essential team member focused on breastfeeding support and education for everyone that needs help.

the milk spot favicon phoenix arizona breastfeeding support lactation consultant



Dana Weston is a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and member of the United States Lactation Consultants Association. Her experience is with lip and tongue ties, breastfeeding multiples, and oral anomalies. She benefits from her background as a dental hygienist in how she can advise and help families through the process of lip and tongue ties.

Dana holds a B.A. in Biology, Psychology and Nutrition from Texas Christian University and an Associate Degree of Dental Hygiene from Tarrant County College.

Dana Weston IBCLC at The Milk Spot lactation consultants in Phoenix, Arizona for breastfeeding mothers
the milk spot favicon phoenix arizona breastfeeding support lactation consultant
Alexys Amuso, MSN, RN, IBCLC Phoenix milk spot breastfeeding and lactation conslutants

Alexys Amuso

MSN, RN, IBCLC, Educator

Alexys knew she wanted to work with infants from an early age. Her passion for infant care led her to get her BSN (Bachelor in Science and Nursing) directly after graduating high school. She graduated from Grand Canyon University with honors and went on to complete her Masters in Nursing and became a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

She is excited to share her knowledge and care especially in those intimate moments that make up raising an infant. She understands being let inside the bubble of care during a lactation consultation requires trust and strives to cultivate that bond with all clients.

She is CPR/First Aid Certified and has three years of Community Health In-Home experience working with mom and baby. She also has experience working with premature/substance exposed newborns.

the milk spot favicon phoenix arizona breastfeeding support lactation consultant

Nichelle Whitehead, MD


Nichelle Whitehead, MD is a well-respected obstetrician with the heart of a midwife. Her motivation to help women developed early in her career and led her to a private practice where normal, natural births were the norm, not the exception. Her focus on empowering women to seek holistic health care for themselves and their families, led Nichelle to join forces with Mary Langlois to create Blossom Birth and Wellness Center. Soon after creating Blossom, Nichelle saw a need in the community to create a comfortable place for women to receive lactation support and breastfeeding education. This led her to create The Milk Spot. 

Nichelle’s vision for The Milk Spot is to offer a range of wellness services to the community, enabling women to learn about their bodies and their choices from practitioners who support and encourage them throughout the childbearing years and beyond. Nichelle’s extensive expertise as an OB/Gyn complements her respect for natural, normal birth and her reputation in the community as a patient, gentle, and warm care provider.

The influence of a interdisciplinary education helped form Nichelle’s broad understanding of the social, economic, emotional, and physiological influences on a woman’s health and future wellness. She studied at Miami University and earned her M.D. at Case Western Reserve University, completing her residency in Phoenix. In the several years leading up to the opening of Blossom, Nichelle shared her passion for natural birth by teaching residents at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix to be more holistic physicians. Nichelle shares in life with her husband and is the mother of two sons, both born with the caring help of midwives.

Nichelle Whitehead OBGYN IBCLC

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